Precision Enhancement using Artificial Intelligence and Output Linearization

by Debellemanière G, Gatinel D and Saad A. Version 0.3

Enter the preoperative parameters to perform the IOL calculation. In case of missing data, leave the fields empty (do not fill a field with fictitious data). If CCT and/or LT are missing, the formula is able to perform the calculation, however accuracy may be decreased. This calculator is optimized for values obtained using the IOLMaster700®. DO NOT use keratometry obtained using other devices (e.g. corneal topographers), especially for post-corneal surgery cases.
Patient Name Patient Birth Date (YYYY-MM-DD) Side Right Eye
Left Eye
K1 (Flat) (diopters)
K2 (Steep) (diopters) K2 axis (°)
Axial Length (mm) Optical ACD (from epithelium) (mm)
WTW (mm) LT (mm)
CCT (microns) Target Refraction (diopters)
Surgeon Factor (Holladay 1 IOL constant) Previous Corneal Refractive Surgery / Irregular topography No

IOL powers obtained using this calculator are not intended to make clinical decisions. Surgeons are solely responsible for their IOL power choice.

If the PEARL-DGS formula was particularly accurate in a difficult case, do not hesitate to share your experience with us. Similarly, please keep us informed if the output was inaccurate.

If you are a researcher and want to evaluate the PEARL-DGS formula, we will be pleased to perform the calculations for you in a blind manner. Please contact us by email.

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